What is PSJA's College, Career & Technology Academy model? »

College, Career & Technology Academy in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District, Texas, is a dropout recovery school where young people experience themselves as college students rather than high school dropouts.

How do we know if our community would benefit from the CCTA model?  »

The impetus for running a College, Career & Technology Academy-type program arises when a district has a a serious dropout problem or a large number of 12th graders without enough credits to graduate.

How do we identify and recruit eligible students? »

PSJA uses an intensive community outreach process, as well as data analysis, to identify and recruit eligible students.

This section contains information on how to identify and recruit students, including guiding principles, tools, and an example of how PSJA uses innovative methods to reach out to its targeted student populations.

What intake process will best support new students?  »

The intake process at PSJA’s College, Career & Technology Academy starts when a dropout or non-completer arrives at the school to enroll, and it ends when he or she is attending classes and all enrollment paperwork is complete. The academic counselor is the staff person with primary responsibility for intake.

How do we staff and lead a school to accomplish the CCTA mission?  »

While principles, programs, policies, and procedures are important, the staff make the difference at Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District's College, Career & Technology Academy. The interview process enables CCTA to select the right staff.

How do we set up a school or program so that students are most likely to attend and persist?  »

Many College, Career & Technology Academy students have spotty high school histories, and attendance can be an issue. CCTA addresses this by building a strong sense of community among the students as well as following up on absences immediately.

How do we help students develop college-ready academic skills and at the same time address their skills gaps?  »

Students must leave CCTA with the academic skills needed to succeed in college. To that end, all teachers use the Common Instructional Framework, a set of instructional strategies that build students’ skills as they prepare for state tests.

How do we finance the CCTA model?  »

The Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District has committed to using a broad range of funding streams to support the College, Career & Technology Academy, and it keeps the community informed about the successes of the program to ensure continued support.

How do we make and maintain a college connection for our students?  »

The College, Career & Technology Academy partners with South Texas College to make and maintain the college connection by offering dual enrollment courses, leveraging state dual enrollment policy.

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